Who is Marcel Ostertag?

He is a creator and a brand, a colourful personality with clear values: Marcel Ostertag has many facets - one of which is fashion. After his studies at the renowned Londoner Central Saint Martins College, he founded his own fashion label in 2006. Since then, his runway shows belong to the major attractions of the New Yorker and Berlin Fashion Week. In January, he introduced his first shoe collection “Tamaris by Marcel Ostertag” there.



You have demonstrated quite impressively in recent years that you are able to create fashion. But how did your first shoe collection come about?

MARCEL OSTERTAG: It’s been my heart's desire for a long time to design my own shoe collection. That is why I was searching for a partner that wanted to do something with a younger designer. That’s where Tamaris came into play.

Tamaris and Marcel Ostertag - how does that go together?

MARCEL OSTERTAG: Wonderfully, in fact, because fashion doesn’t work without shoes and shoes don’t work without fashion. That’s why Tamaris and I are “the perfect match”!


What was specifically important to you in the design of the shoes?

MARCEL OSTERTAG: As in my fashion collection, it was also important with the shoes that they are wearable in everyday life. That’s why I was very careful in the shoe sketches to meet my personal style with that of Tamaris and create a successful symbiosis from that.

Do you remember the moment that you saw the finished prototypes of your shoes for the first time?

MARCEL OSTERTAG: Oh yes, very clearly! I was bouncing up and down like a rubber ball out of joy. It was a wonderful feeling to hold the finished product in my hands. Tamaris really transformed the collection into my own original design.

Thank you, Marcel!

While sketching, Marcel has an image of a strong and independent woman who knows exactly what she wants. It is still a concern to him that younger customers can afford these shoes - and in buying them as a designer piece.