A mix of fabrics

Marcel Ostertag’s new collection is here! ‘Opium’ takes you on a sensual frenzy and directs your mind to the true enjoyment of fashion. Dive right in and learn how to style the collection to perfection.

The Marcel Ostertag X Tamaris collection impresses through the use of fine leather with snake and croc patterns combined with soft textiles. The colour palette ranges from Merlot and navy to old rose, olive, anthracite and black. The plexi heel is the signature piece of the collection and comes in new accent colours such as rose gold, Merlot, olive and grey. Buckles in rose gold adorn the various types of shoe. Pumps, casuals, loafers, sneakers, ankle boots – the designer skilfully breathes new life into the classics. For a real statement, add long over-the-knee stocking boots.

Louisa from the blog www.louiblog.de

Jessica from the blog www.jessicarwunderbar.de

The acrylic heel is the signature piece of the collection!

Francesca from the blog www.franelle.de

Marcel’s favourite couch is in his artist’s workshop in Berlin.

My ode to fashion.
The scent of intense musk settles like a veil
on the purple clothes. Like a silent companion.
We dance from room to room through clouds of smoke.
Deeper and darker into a vortex of pleasure.
Time is a part of us.
Because we and what we wear are timeless.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will dance.
Opulence is a part of us like classical elegance.
Heavy velvet makes us feel down-to-earth.
You smile wickedly, like a poppy.
The ambiguity of our liaison sets my heart racing.
I’m addicted. Addicted to fashion.
And you.

Marcel Ostertag