One heart and one soul


Sophia (left) and Verena have a lot in common. They are bloggers, book authors and best friends. The only difference: Sophia has size 34 and Verena size 48. On their blog the Munich girls show that fashion can look good in all sizes. In her private life, however, she has much more in common than her passion for beautiful outfits. A friendship that proves that opposites complement each other perfectly.

You have been friends for 17 years now, do you remember how your friendship began?

SOPHIA: Of course! For the first time we met in a fast food restaurant. At first I was a little scared because Verena was so tall. Then came a hit on the radio, which we both liked and “boom”, we were friends for life!
VERENA: (laughs) Yes, there's nothing more I can add. ;-)

In all these years you have experienced a lot together, laughed and cried. Do you still remember the most beautiful moment of your friendship?

SOPHIA: There are many beautiful moments. But the most beautiful ones are definitely those in which we realize what we have put together. This doesn't happen very often and often comes unexpectedly. But a moment like this is all the more beautiful!
VERENA: I think Sophia and I experienced many beautiful moments this year. On the one hand the publication of our book was of course a highlight for us and on the other hand we had an incredibly beautiful and very relaxed time on the Bahamas.

Quality Time

A perfect girls day starts for us with a relaxed date in a café, includes some shootings and ends with a delicious dinner and drinks

For your blog you work together almost every day. Does that cause tension or do you always agree?

SOPHIA: Our profession has a very strong creative component, which is why there is no right and no wrong. Everybody can express his ideas and so we complement each other perfectly.
VERENA: It's really funny, because we get this question so often. Of course, you don't always agree, but when you hear and summarize both points of view, something much better comes out.

Outwardly you embody completely different types of women, what do you have in common?

SOPHIA: We are a family. I think there is no better way to describe our connection. I love the quote "Friends are the family you can choose".
VERENA: I really can only agree here. Sophia is like a sister to me, a part of me that I just don't want to miss.

shopping companions

"Sophia always carries the latest trend. Her style is from classic to rocky to edgy." (Verena)
“This shoe fits Verena perfectly because it's as classy as she is, but it has that certain something! " (Sophia)

You just fulfilled a dream and published your own book. Who had the idea for this project?

SOPHIA: None of us! We never thought it would come to this ...How crazy would it be to say: "Let's get a book out ...!" But there are other people who find what we do as beautiful as we do. And so our current publishing house asked us at that time whether something like that would be suitable for us. As a result, of course, we were on fire.


What other dreams do you have in common?

SOPHIA: In fact there is something about fashion in our heads ... But it still takes time.
VERENA: Since the two of us are just bubbling over with ideas, there will be a lot more to come. But the next thing on the agenda is another holiday together.

You are a heart and a soul because ...

SOPHIA: ... everyone is himself.
VERENA: ... we complement each other so incredibly well.

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