City-Trip Amsterdam

Today Paris, tomorrow London, the day after tomorrow Amsterdam. For fashion bloggers, travelling is part of their daily business. Influencer Lisanne takes us on her next city trip to Amsterdam. Learn more about the best hot spots, the most important travel essentials and the one shoe you shouldn't miss when travelling!

My favourite places in AMSTERDAM:



1. Culinary highlights

Amsterdam's food culture goes far beyond the famous fries stands. Nowadays there are so many stylish and cozy cafés and restaurants with modern kitchen. For breakfast, I prefer to go to Benji´s – a green oasis with urban flair and a brunch menu inspired by cultures and cuisines from all over the world. I often have lunch at HOTEL V (a real insider's tip among locals). The boutique-hotel Morgan & Mees in the west of Amsterdam has a great restaurant with an extraordinary ambience - my insider tip for a relaxed dinner.



"I always look on Instagram for great new locations and hot spots. When I'm not familiar with a city, I like to walk around and be inspired by the people and the nice streets."



2. My favorite neighborhood

The JORDAAN NEIGHBORHOOD is one of the most famous residential areas of the city and has a very special charm. Along the canals, there are many great houses with the typical stepped gables, and in the side streets you will find trendy shops and nice cafés and pubs.



3. Insider's tip: Noordermarkt

Every Saturday, the NOORDERMARKT takes place in Jordaan - a lovingly small organic market where people meet for shopping and chatting. Here you will find beautiful flowers, handicrafts and delicious regional food.



"I can't live without sneakers, especially on a city trip. But my suitcase also contains sunglasses, jeans and a small handbag to sling on."