Care instructions

Women love shoes, and Tamaris loves shoes and fashion! Tamaris products are hallmarks of fashion and quality. All women who love shoes and who are keen to preserve the timeless beauty of their footwear for as long as possible should give them regular care. Here you will find all the tips and tricks you need to make sure you enjoy our products for a long time to come. We recommend that you use the Tamaris 4ever care products – developed specifically for Tamaris – for a particularly outstanding and pristine result.

The right care for your favourite shoes

Before wearing them the first time

We advise that you impregnate your shoes before you wear them the first time as a good basic protection against damp and cold. Here you should use the Tamaris 4ever impregnating agent – developed specifically for Tamaris – which offers all the benefits of nanotechnology.

And this is how it works:

Hold the impregnating spray 30 cm from your shoe and spray the shoes 3 times. Then leave the agent to absorb for 15 minutes.

Our tip:

  • Applying thin layers more frequently is better than one thick layer.
  • Repeating this process regularly will increase the protective effect.
  • Your shoes are not the only things that will beautiful for longer thanks to impregnation. It is also an ideal way of treating your bags.

Regular care

You should apply care products to your shoes on a regular basis, irrespective of the material, colour or form. Sweat, dirt and moisture place a burden on shoes and attack their materials. But regular care will keep your shoes perfectly protected.

And this is how it works:

A shoe tree, moulded in the precise shape of your shoe, and the regular application of a care product designed specifically for the material, will protect your favourite shoes from these aggressive media.

Our care tip:

  • Regular application makes care products more effective.
  • Always read the instructions before using a care product.
  • Apply a spot of the product to a concealed part first to check that it is suitable.

Test the outer material around the heel or inside ankle.

The individual care products are always used in the same sequence:

1. Clean

Use a cloth or brush to remove the coarse dirt from your shoes.

2. Care

Many of the Tamaris shoes in our collection are made of leather. Leather is a natural product. Like human skin, it needs regular care and protection. In the same way that there are different skin types, there are also different types of leather. Each of them needs specifically designed care products that will help you keep your shoes looking beautiful for longer.


The most frequent materials used at Tamaris are:

  • smooth leather
  • nubuck and velours leather
  • nappa and brush leather
  • textiles and synthetic materials

a) Caring for smooth leather

Smooth leather is used frequently to produce all kinds of shoes. Nappa leather is the most common type of leather. Tamaris also manufactures a large proportion of its shoes from smooth leather, i.e. special forms of smooth leather. Various types of rough leather are the counterparts to smooth leather. Tamaris uses a broad spectrum of different leather types in its collection. But no matter whether it comes from, only the best leather, subject to the strictest quality assurance, makes its way into our production. 

The specific shade of the shoe cream (e.g. Tamaris 4ever pretty shoes) should match the colour of the leather. It is also possible to use neutral shoe cream. Very light-coloured leather should be impregnated before applying care products. Polish the shoes after putting on the care products.

Our care tip:

  • Apply the shoe cream always from the heel to the tip to allow the products to absorb perfectly into the fibres.
  • Keep worn shoes on the shoe tree while cleaning to make sure that the care product also enters the creases caused by walking.
  • Polish the shoes until they gleam if the smooth leather looks dull after impregnation.

b) Caring for nubuck and velours leather

Nubuck and velours leather, sometimes known as suede, are partially roughened types of leather that need a lot of care. The inside of velours leather is made noticeably rougher. The outside of nubuck leather is roughened, which gives the material a generally softer feel.

Regular cleaning and the use of a good impregnation product are absolutely crucial to keep the shoes looking beautiful.

Before cleaning you should brush the leather to loosen the fibres.

Then apply the liquid care product (e.g. the specially designed nubuck care products by Tamaris 4ever) from the heel to the tip of the shoes. Leave the shoe to dry, and afterwards use the brush to roughen the leather and restore the original fibre structure.

Our care tip:

  • Use a brush to remove smaller stains.
  • Never use a rough leather brush with brass bristles on very light-coloured velours. The brass may stain the velours green!

c) Caring for nappa and brush leather

The most characteristic feature of nappa and leather is that only the outside of the leather is treated. The special brush procedure creates a very shiny surface. Nappa is very soft and smooth, and therefore needs a special kind of care

The best product to use is a wax-based impregnation spray, e.g. Tamaris 4ever protected shoes. Polish the leather with a cloth once the spray has soaked in. 

Our care tip:

  • Always use shoe cream in a matching colour to achieve the best effects.

d) Caring for textiles

Textiles are frequently used in shoe production. Textile shoes (e.g. sneakers) are particularly popular in summer. The most common forms of textiles are canvas and mesh. Canvas is a linen fabric, while mesh is an innovative net-like material.

The best way to care for textile material is to use an impregnation spray. But first you should use a brush to remove the coarse dirt.

Our care tip:

  • Spray the shoes regularly with a nano spray to make caring for textile shoes easier in the long term.

e) Caring for synthetics

Shoes made of synthetic material may be very smooth or elastic.

An all-in-one cleaning mousse or gel is the best choice to care for material mixes (leather and synthetics). You can freshen up the colours by applying a shoe cream or a special nubuck shoe cream.

Cleaning and impregnation are important for exclusively synthetic materials. The best way to clean them is to apply an all-in-one cleaning mousse or gel that is suitable for use on leather types and synthetics.

Attention: Care products made of wax complexes are not suitable (these products generally refer explicitly to their wax contents).


3. After care

You should not wear your shoes immediately after applying the care products. It is important to give the substances time to soak in.

Our care tip:

  • Use a matching shoe tree when you are not wearing the shoes. This substantially extends their lives.


4. Storing shoes

Keep shoes in a well-aired and dry place, and use matching shoe trees.

Never store leather shoes in plastic bags. Leather needs air to breathe. Also, do not expose leather shoes to longer periods of bright sunlight. This will bleach the shoes and cause the colour to fade.

Your favourite shoes are in danger

My shoes are wet! What next?

First of all you should place the shoes on a shoe tree and leave them to dry at room temperature. Leave very wet shoes to dry before using a shoe tree.

Attention: Never leave shoes to dry next to or on a radiator, as the leather will crack!

Your shoes will certainly need care once they have dried. The best thing is to use a greasy shoe cream like Tamaris 4ever clean shoes. Impregnate the shoes again once the care product has soaked in. This way your shoes will be perfectly protected in future as well, even in bad weather.

Our tip:

  • If possible you should avoid walking long distances in wet shoes. The shoes will quickly become misshapen (and walking in wet shoes is really no fun at all).


My favourite shoes have water stains. What next?

Simply wash off the water stains with warm water, as long as the shoes are still wet. Use Tamaris 4ever clean shoes to remove water stains from dry shoes.

We hope you have lots of fun with your Tamaris products!