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Tips for trying on your shoes

Every foot is unique and needs a matching shoe. But often when we have bought a pair of shoes it is difficult to tell objectively whether they really fit. The size and fit are key to how satisfied you will be with your new shoes. So we have put together the following tips for trying on your shoes in the hope that you will enjoy your purchase for a long time to come.

Take your time to try on the shoes!

  • Love at first step
    Footwear you immediately feel at home in has the potential to become your favourite (shoes).

  • Try them on at home
    Please only walk around at home and on a carpet when you are trying on shoes. And don't forget to use a shoe horn in order to prevent damage. After all, the shoes need to be in perfect condition if you do not like them and would prefer to send them back.

  • The right timing
    The time that the measurement is taken is also important, since the foot size varies according to the time of day, and depends on how much you have been on your feet. Do not try on shoes in the afternoon or evening, as you may have been on your feet too long, and they may have swollen somewhat. The shoe size might be inaccurate and the feet might be too sensitive. It is best to take the measurement during the morning up till midday, as you won´t have been walking around so much.

  • The right socks/stockings
    Wear socks or stockings that you would also combine with the shoe in everyday use.

  • Take your time!
    Try on the shoes standing upright and walking around, as you need to be certain that they fit. Some of our shoes have special insole technologies that can influence the shape. To find out more, read our information in the technology section.

  • Try on both shoes!
    Feet have different forms and sizes. So we recommend that you always try on the pair of shoes, and not just one.

  • The right fit
    Your feet should have enough room for optimal comfort. This is the case when there is a thumb width space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. The heel should not slip out of the back of the counter cap, but be firmly held by the shoe.
    Try out one of our insoles or half-insoles if you feel that the shoe is just a touch too broad or big. This way you can optimise the fit of your favourite footwear.

  • Material features
    When selecting a leather article, make sure that the leather is a natural product and slightly bendable. The upper should be able to expand over time. There may also be some small colour deviations in leather products.