Size Guide

Below you will find detailed information that will help you find the right shoe or ring size.

Shoe size guide

Are you unsure about your shoe size?

We use a 3D scanner to measure the inside length of our shoes with millimetre precision. We also measure the calf width in boots. You will find a size recommendation on the product itself based on the 3D measurement.

Where can I find the size recommendation?

An info box with the following information will appear if you click on an article and then hover with the mouse pointer above the size selection, or if you select a size on the screen of your tablet or mobile phone.

Size recommendation

This gives information on just how much the actual measured size of the article differs from the specified size or the size imprinted into the shoe. We can give an exact size recommendation using this information, so that there is no need to order several sizes of a product.

Calf width

We also measure and provide the circumference of the calf as well as the shoe size in boots. To find the perfect calf width, measure your calf at its fullest point in tights or trousers, depending on how you want to wear them.

We recommend you use our shaft width filter in order to find precisely the right Tamaris boots in our online shop. To do this, go to the Boot category and select the boot width filter that best suits your size range.

The shaft widths may vary, depending on the individual sizes. You should also filter by size to obtain an ideal search result.

Shoe width

The Tamaris collection only contains articles in a normal width range (F widths). There may be deviations in shoe width in individual cases. We provide separate information in the info box in these exceptions.

What is your shoe size?

If you are unsure which size of shoe you take, then please use the table below as an assistance. However, you should view the measurements only as average values, as the width of your foot will also affect the correct shoe size.

Tip: Put on stockings and then place your foot on a sheet of paper. Now mark the length of your foot (from the heel to the longest toe). Use a ruler to measure the distance between these two points.

The following table indicates that shoe size 38 would be just right for you if your foot is around 24.4 cm long.

38.5 is the right size if your foot has a length of 24.8 cm. Unfortunately we do not offer half-sizes in our online shop. In these cases, though, we recommend you pick the larger shoe size, here 39, and that you wear a half-insole to compensate the difference (e.g. Article no. 15530; you will find them here Compensating sizes).

Foot length in cm Shoe size
22,2 35
22,5 35,5
22,9 36
23,3 36,5
23,6 37
24,0 37,5
24,4 38
24,8 38,5
Foot length in cm Shoe size
25,1 39
25,5 39,5
25,9 40
26,2 40,5
26,6 41
27,0 41,5
27,4 42

International size system

Size systems vary from country to country. The following table helps you understand the different systems to ensure you will find the right Tamaris shoe to match your size. Do please consider that the international systems are not directly comparable, and that the stated shoe size may differ from the actual size.

35 4,5 2,5
36 5,5 3,5
37 6 4
38 7 5
39 7,5 5,5
40 8,5 6,5
41 9,5 7,5
42 10 8
43 11 9

Ring size guide

Are you unsure about your ring size?

The sizes stated beside the product refer to the inner circumference of the ring in mm. We recommend you use a tape measure to find out the matching circumference of your ring finger. Simply take a piece of string or paper and wrap it round your ring finger if you do not have a tape measure on hand. Now measure the length. A length of 52 mm would mean that you take ring size 52. If you already own a ring in the right size, take a ruler to measure the diameter. The following table matches diameters and finger circumferences with ring sizes.

Ring size Circumfernce in mm Diameter in mm
52 52 16,5
54 54 17,2
56 56 17,8
58 58 18,4
60 60 19,1